Flying over the Dolomites

A paragliding flight to see the Dolomites from the sky

Enjoy your vacation on the Brenta Dolomites and discover how the mountain appears from the sky; for an experience on the paragliding unforgettable and for everyone!

It is not necessary any physical preparation or sporty attitude, because a professional pilot will be with you on a two-seater paraglider

With the paraglider you don’t jump like skydiving, but you launch like a plane: the launch is generally made from a gentle slope after checking that the glider has inflated regularly, just a few steps to be already in flight

The entire experience will be recorded and photographed, and at the end the result will be sent to your email address!!

The entire experience length is more or less one hour: after the meeting, you’ll go to the launch point, before the launch, a brief briefing will be organized in which all the peculiarities of the flight will be set out and you will wear the equipment. From the moment of take-off, the flight lasts about 15-20 minutes, moments of pure emotion!

During your stay we will search for the most suitable day and time to organize the flight: the weather conditions are fundamental and depending on these varies the starting point of the experience: either from Palon de Tovre or from the top of Paganella

During the flight you are sitting comfortably in the harness, enjoying the incredible view of the Dolomites from a whole new perspective. If you want to try a special thrill, pilots also offer something more: for lovers of action and adrenaline, on request, the pilot will perform different flight maneuvers. In this way, you can experience how centrifugal forces are exerted on you as on a roller coaster

Up to 5 people can do the experience at the same time! The minimum age is 6 years, the only necessary requirement is to be able to make a short run. The minimum passenger weight is 30 kg, and the maximum weight is 100 kg

The experienced team of pilots we rely on is enabled to take off and land people with disabilities