On Foot Experiences

Hickings on the mountains; Excursions on the Brenta Dolomites and on the Paganella

We thought of many beautiful walks, suitable for the moment we live, with attention to health security, for a return to mountain life, exciting, genuine, and sparkling, like the air. Many routes can also be used with a trekking stroller

In Andalo, on the Brenta Dolomites and on the Paganella there are lots of chances to experience the mountain in a thousand different ways!

You can go to the playground, have a peaceful walk around the small lake of Andalo, perhaps continuing to the Tana dell’Ermellino

You can go to Pradel, a plateau at the foot of the Brenta Group, reachable on foot from Andalo, or with the ski lifts from Molveno, to make the Path of Sciuri the squirrel, have fun at Forrest Park or visit the educational farm at the Tovre Alm. From Pradel start the trails to the refugees of the Brenta Dolomites, such as the Rifugio Tosa Pedrotti and the wonderful others

You can go to Lake Molveno. The path starts in front of the Casa Cantoniera and runs 4 km in the downhill forest. Then you can continue throughout the tour of the lake of 12 km or relax on the beach, maybe with a nice ice cream

You can reach Fai della Paganella, to walk the breath path and enjoy beautiful views of the Adige valley

All the territory of the Brenta Group is a part of the Natural Adamello Brenta Park

The Dolomites Brenta Group stretches from North to South for a length of over 40 km from the Bridge of Mostizzolo to Tione, has an area of 560 square kilometers and is crossed by over 560 km of trails, 30% of which is equipped. It is bordered by Lake Molveno, Valli Giudicarie to the south, Val Rendena to the west and Passo Campo Carlo Magno, Val Meledrio, Val di Sole and Valle di Non to the east

After Molveno, the largest lake in the territory of the Brenta Dolomites is Lake Tovel, famous once for the red color of the waters. The refuges that can be reached from Andalo are the Tuckett Refuge, the Graffer Refuge, the Agostini Refuge, the 12 Apostoli Refuge, the Brentei Refuge, the Croz dell’Altissimo Refuge, 1430 m, the Montanara Refuge m.1525, the Malga

We are expecting you to discover the Paganella Plateau!

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