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The routes recommended by the Hotel Majorka

Inside the Dolomiti Paganella Bike there are 3 Bike Park areas:
The historic area of Fai della Paganella with its 3 “technical trails” and the flow trails “Peter Pan”, and the new two areas of Molveno and Andalo with flow trails, particularly addressed to the new levers
The bike park areas connect with each other with single trails (shared/shared), generally much more suitable for trail-all mountain and enduro bikes

There are two areas dedicated to Pump Track and Skills Areas:

  • Make the Paganella, next to the refuge Meriz at an altitude of 1,440m
  • Molveno, at the lido, adjacent to the swimming pool area

The Pump track is an artificial path consisting of parabolic curves and bumps of various sizes

The purpose of the pump track is to run it without pedaling or using the thrust (pump) of the body. The Pump Track is practicable for everyone, from beginners to experienced riders

The Skill Area, is an educational area, consisting of a path with various types of artificial obstacles, of different levels, which reproduce specific situations, aimed at improving your ability in mountain biking. Narrow walkways, overhead bridges, wall laughs, jumps, and other equipment refine the driving technique

Fai della Paganella – within the Bike Park area – in Meriz (station at Monte della Seggiovia) at an altitude of 1,440 meters there is a pump track of 70 m in length, a skill area adapted for adults and children, and a permanent loop Cross Country (available from May to September)


Molveno – near the Lido , adjacent to the lake – there is a pump track particularly aimed at a novice audience and children. Adjacent to the pump track there is also a skills area (teaching area)


route distance Time Ascent Descent bike shuttle Altitude max
Tour’s name  Route’s description Distance  Time path Height gain Negative vertical drop Bike Bus Altitude max
790 Tour Meriz / Dosson 11,1 2h 30′ 500 500 1.520
782 Trough Gazza from Andalo to 786 to Crosare, return from Ranzo for 804 29,7 7h  2.000 2.000 spunta  1.820
785 Prati di Gaggia from Andalo to 786 to Crosare 17,1 5h  950 950 1.820
793 Fausior 16,1 4h 580 580 1.540
800 CrozAltissimo  10,2 3h  610 610 1.430
796 Selvapiana  20,0  2h 45′  650 650 1.125
792 Orsi MTB  13,6  3h  720  720  1.255
788 Acqua delle Scudelle 20,0  4h  760  760 1.480
786 To the Top 30,7 4h 1.150 1.150 2.125
783 Around Paganella 51,2 6h 1.150 1.150 1.063
789 4 villages tour 30,1 6h 30′ 1.250 1.250 1.520


Routes with length and big height gain, to do them is necessary the entire day, while using abundantly lifts and any bike bus

We remind you to carefully check the dates on which the services of the lifts and the Bike bus service are active

The routes can be done in self-sufficiency, given the presence of signage and GPX tracks, but we recommend following the routes always in the company, and in case you are alone, we remind you that many tours are carried out with week schedule, therefore with the possibility to walk with other bikers (in addition to driving)

For all other information, we remind you to carefully read the regulations and description of the routes

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